Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Comment About Leaving Comments

For some reason, the powers that be at Blogger, the program/system/website, whatever it is technically labeled,  that I use for this blog, saw fit to either change or delete the gadget for leaving comments after the posts. Or perhaps it is just a glitch in my computer or something. All I know is that four different tech support people tried to fix it, or at least put it back like it was originally, and couldn’t.

What I have discovered is that you can indeed leave a comment, but it doesn’t show up with the blog like it used to. At least a few people have been able to leave comments. Now you actually have to connect to the comments.  Here’s how it works now- or may work if you hold your mouth just right or something:

At the end of the blog you will see a line that says No Comment or if some have been written, will say 6 Comments, or however many have been left. Click on that line and a screen will come up for leaving comments. Write your comment and then click on the identity you wish to use, and there are several to choose from, including one that will send comments to my email. If you use Anonymous, you could simply add your name at the end of the comment you type in the box.  Make sure to check  after you click on Publish Your Comment that there is not another step to follow, like sign in to your Google account or something like that.

And none of this may work at all! After re-reading what I just wrote, I must admit it doesn’t make much sense and clearly shows that I am not as computer-literate as I need to be! I just know I am getting frustrated with the blog and spam and the computer world in general. No doubt that is why I was an English teacher and not a math teacher. And those of you who are of the computer generation are just shaking your heads and lamenting the grousing of yet another old person who just doesn’t get it.

But I digress. I hope that those of you still reading, and thank you for sticking with me, will try a comment now and then if you are so inclined. And I will try to learn more about all this technical stuff that is driving me crazy.


And just so you know, Poopie Cat, who is always on hand when I work on the computer,  was not one of the four tech support people who tried to fix the problem. Indeed, the computer doesn’t seem to drive her crazy at all…


Nola McKey said...

Good grief. The previous comment--the only one I see--appears to be spam. That will only elevate your frustration. I hope my comment appears, as i've followed your instructions. And, oh yes, join the club when it comes to frustration with computers.

Nola McKey

Nola McKey said...

Well, it appears I've left a double comment, perhaps because I clicked on "publish" when I was in the "preview" mode.This time I will try clicking on "publish" without going to "preview" mode. Hang in there, though; I enjoy your blog, even if this one frustrates me as well.

Nola McKey

Alice Liles said...

Yes, Nola, you did leave a doub le comment, but hey, at this point, I'll take them both! Thanks for reading and making the effort to leave a comment.