Tuesday, May 31, 2011

West Texas Skies

We have not had rain since last October, and the effects are showing. Ripples of sand are now where grass used to be in parts of our yard. Cactus in the big bed are disappearing under the dirt blowing in off the road in front of the house. Dusting is an exercise in futility. Well, that's true even in good weather here, but it's even worse now. Trash and dead tumbleweeds and other weed skeletons have to constantly be picked up. Bedding plants dry up in spite of daily waterings.

We look to the sky for hints of rain clouds, but nothing appears. And things get browner. So to take our minds off that, I thought this might be a good time to share some times when the sky, while not always being full of rain clouds, has offered us beauty nonetheless. For example:

Look in the distance and you see rain coming from this cloud. It's been so long since we've seen one of these we have just about forgotten what it looks like. 

This is a sunrise looking out from our back yard.

I took this one in 2007 from the back yard when the sky was just full of pretty things to see.      

Looking out into the pasture.

Looking at the golf course from the pasture.

Sunrise from the back yard.

A sunset from the front yard.

Another sunset.

I have tons more pictures like this, but the computer is misbehaving and you would get tired of looking at more of the same anyway, so I will stop. In the meantime, pray for rain.


gonzo39 said...

No rain since October! You should try living in England ha ha! It hardly ever stops, even in the summer. I found your blog to be very entertaining and interesting. I am new to the whole "blogging" concept and have just made my first one. Please have a look and let me know what you think...New Build Planning Permission

embee said...

Yes I was in New Mexico at Cowgirl camp at the end of April and they too have been without rain since the Fall. Hope you get some soon. Are you going to Wyoming again this year?

Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures Alice. I do remember those Muleshoe sunsets! No rain down in South Texas either! Tell Bill I said hello. ROWJR

Alice Liles said...

Gonzo, I visited England once, and it seemed like it did drizzle the whole time we were there. Thanks for the kind words about the blog. I would be glad to look at your blog, but alas I can't seem to find it. I will keep trying.

Alice Liles said...

Margaret, we are hoping tonight is the night-for rain, that is! It is stormy-looking, so maybe it is now our turn. Yes, I just returned from Wyoming. Look for a posting about that trip soon. I rode Malcolm again and brought home rocks and cactus. Big surprise! Had a great time.

Alice Liles said...

And hello to you too, Miz Anonymous. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

It's Mr Anonymous, old neighbor/friend! ROWJR

Brant said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alice Liles said...

Oops! My apologies. Here I thought I knew who Anonymous was. Now I will have to figure out the initials. Surely it will come to me.