Friday, October 23, 2009

Mules Win Again, But It Was Not Pretty

The notch in the jock strap was a little harder to come by tonight. We traveled to Childress after a two-week layoff due to the Tulia forfeit, which may or may not have been the problem. The Mules won 34-26 but were off their game. Fumbled balls, dropped passes, missed passes, poor blocking; it was one of those nights. Momentum was never really on our side, even though the boys were able to capitalize on a few good breaks. I believe it was the second touchdown (I think I am going to have to actually take notes during the game; my memory has a tendency to lose place) that was called back for an illegal receiver down field, so the Mules marched back their fifteen yards and then ran basically the same pass play again and made it again, only the second time it counted. Later in the game we did the same thing- that is, run a pass play again to make up for the one that was called back, for holding that time. One of Isaac Baca's touchdowns was inspiring because he just kept on truckin' and eluding tackles and came up with six. Later in the game we also recovered the ball on about their ten or so yard line and were able to take it in for the score, which was one time the momentum was on our side. All the correct details and finer points can be read in the newspaper write-up because those guys did take notes, so I will stop before I garble too many of the finer points. I think it would be fair to say that Childress really wanted to win that game, but couldn't pull it out. Muleshoe fans showed up in good numbers for such a far away game.

The Mules' record now stands at 23-0.

Next week will be the postponed homecoming game when Dimmitt comes to town. Next week I will take notes...

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